“I have failed over and over and over again in my life. That is why I succeed.” -Michael Jordan

Every one fails. Failure is what makes players become great players. A lot of people make this topic negative. To me, failure should sometimes be positive. After a failure, many people think about why they failed and the negatives they did because they failed. To overcome failure and choose to succeed you have to learn from mistakes.

Volleyball is a game of mistakes. The other team cheers for your failure. The team that doesn’t let the failure get to them is the team that will stay postivie and take the game. If you let your mistakes and failures stick to you each point your going to keep doing them over and over again. Looking at failure in a positive way will help you stop the run of negativity and keep the right mind set to win. Never fail, only succeed in finding out a different way to win.

I fail every day in practice. How I respond to failure is what makes me a better player. It is the coaches job in practice to make us fail. Without a challenge, we would never grow or get better. Looking at failure as always a negative thing can crush me as a player. If I continue to think about my failures then I am not choosing to succeed.

Learn from failure. Do not be scared of failure, fail until you succeed.