My friends tell me I have “bad luck.” I trip over my feet, my shoe falls off in the middle of game, and events just happen around me that are unexplainable. I always have a story to tell about my day. To me, all of these things are not bad luck, just simply another day and another thing to laught about. Come to find out, luck is influenced in my life a lot more than I thought though.

This season we are always traveling. We call ourselves the “Road Warriors.” You could say only having five home games this year is “bad luck.” Well I like to take the postivie out of every situation. This season we get the opportunity to beat many teams on their own home court. Taking a win from an opponent at their home is a great feeling.

ImageEven though we wish the other team good luck before each game, we bring our own luck. We push to control the game and make every point important. Making the game happen gives you a better chance at winning then relying on luck.

“The day you decide to do it, is the day you will get lucky.”