This week we traveled to Lindenwood and Missouri Southern. We were on the road for 15 hours total in two days. Being on the bus that long can make us go crazy. I am occupying my time by sleeping or doing homework. We will occasionally watch a movie and that is something to look forward to. I remember as a freshman last year, I was very overwelled with traveling and missing class. It was stressful being gone all of the time and just feeling lost a lot. Our freshman right now are feeling homesick and scared. A couple admitted to crying just because they felt so overwhelmed and behind. Another freshman is very homesick and feels worried all the time. I know these freshman will make it through. They are strong and they enjoy playing volleyball; practice relaxes them from the stress of everything else.

A story I have to share is about one of my teammates last year. As a freshman, she played every game. She came into the season ready to go and prepared to take on this challenge. Academically she did very well. She studied really hard and continued to stay focus. When the season and semester was over, the team came back and we had a meeting. Turns out, she was deciding to transfer. We were all very shocked. She told us the major she wanted was not available here and felt that Kansas State would be a better opportunity for her. A lot of tears were shed at this meeting. This descision does not allow her to play volleyball anymore. We all knew she loved the game and every one in the room was heartbroken. My teammate had to make a tough decision for her future. Playing collegiate volleyball we have freshman that come in and feel not at home. Transfering to a different school is scary and a hard thing to do. Deciding to be happy can be one of the toughest decisions a player can make.