I spend my entire week with these girls. We eat together, sleep together, and most importantly play together. My teammates have became my family. In high school, college, and even in middle school I loved being a part of team, because it always meant new memories and a bigger family.

If you are familiar with the Northwest Volleyball team you probably already know that the assistant coach, Alana Wittenburg, is my sister. I will not deny that I was nervous about what the other girls would think about me. Alana and I made sure to keep family things seperate from volleyball as much as we could. After a year of her coaching me, everything turned out great. I respect her as a coach and she treats me like another player. Since all these girls are basically my sisters too, it feels the same playing with them then it is with Alana coaching me. Everyone has accepted me and Alana’s roles and I hope it continues to work out.

Many players have family connections within a team. One thing to note is that it is very important to keep family life and team life seperate. Have you ever came across a situation when family got in the way of a teammate or yourself? If your sister was your coach, how would you respond?