Every player has done this, stepped into a gym and said, “man I dont feel like playing today.”

This has happened to me and I know on the days I said that, I did not get better that day. Not having the drive or determination to get better every single time you step on the court is a waste of an opportunity. Ya, it is hard to be focused and work hard every day. Volleyball is not easy.
This Thursday we play Pitt State. We have three days to get better. If we choose to step into the gym and go through the motions we are choosing to miss out on an opportunity to beat Pitt State. They are not resting, so we shouldn’t either. Ambition is what drives this mentality. Olympians did not win because they “kinda” wanted it. They won because every day they had the drive to get better and will to want to.

Ambition to be the best

Ambition to be the best

Ambition is something that can grow inside you. You choose it.

What/who drives you to get better every day?