Stepping on the court for the game, can be the scariest/most exciting moment of volleyball. I am a visualizer. Before each match I picture what I am going to do and what is going to happen when I step on the court. Seeing it before it happens prepares me for situations.
Whenever a new spectator watches a volleyball match, a common question is “why are you cheering in the middle of the court after every play?” The answer is simple. We need cheering to keep us positive, which influences the game greatly. Before each match, either on the bus ride, or in the locker room, each one of us have a song that we call “ours” to get us ready to compete. Every time we listen to “our personal song” we know its time to go and we know its time to win. Some may call this superstition, but whatever I can do to get my “mojo” before a game will help me be ready to play.

The Champ by Nelly is the song I listen to before every game. I get prepared and visualize myself playing my best. This works for me. Every player has different pregame styles. The Miami Heat NBA team does a rain dance before each game. This ritual helps them get ready as a team and is there own way of getting pumped up.