“Your BLIND, your DEAF, so go and be a REF.” This is a common chant for the crowd.
During our previous game, not a lot of calls went our way. The line judges made a bad call and it affected our attitudes. We let the call frustrate us and we were unable to score. We may have thought it was injustice, but that is something we can not control. Letting that get to us, caused us to lose to ourselves over one call. Many referees have the pressure of the players and spectators to worry about. They are never perfect. As a player, bad calls are very frustrating. Especially if they seem like they continue to happen.

Is this all injustice? Some reports in the past have stated that refs were payed to blow the game. These reports are injustice. Having a bad call in a game is to be expected and out of our control, that is not injustice. Leave the arguing to the coaches about the call. Do not lose your head, and stay focused to control the controlables.