I am almost touching the floor, the ball is set to the outside and I quickly transition to line up directly with my hitters arm. I read the play, the ball is hit hard and down to my left. I push every muscle in my body to get my arms below the ball and make the dig. The ball is up high in the middle of the court and is set to kill. Bearcats win the point.
That feeling is one of the best feelings I experience in volleyball. Because of me, my teammates got the kill and scored the point. Backrow players (defensive specialist) do not get the glory or the amazing stats like hitters do. We make our own fame and bring energy when there is a big play. Giving a perspective is the act of giving the right impression of height, weight, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed in a specific point. My point of view in volleyball is low to ground and deep in the back court. I see everything in front of me which makes it my job to communicate with the hitters. Visualizing plays and seeing myself in the backrow gets my blood flowing and eager to play. I sometimes look at the game as “don’t let the ball touch the ground.” A simple childhood game we all used to play with a balloon can be turned into an intense competitive game of volleyball. It’s all about how you look at the game and opportunity. If you play better with the game simple, like me, then keep it simple. Focus on one point at a time and the wins WILL come. Finding out what kind of player you are will help you view the game in your way and not let the opponent make you feel uncomfortable. You control the game and the view of it.