This story takes a good twist when it first mentions she didn’t start modeling by getting recruited, but by winning the “genetic lottery.” Her job description is to show up looking tall with a 23 inch waist. What bothered her about being a model is the fact it is based only on her looks. She wants to make an impact on people. How can being a model make a difference in life?

The genetics of a person has everything to do with a model. Modeling chooses you and your body. I do not think modeling would be easy though. There is a great amount of pressure to be perfect and make the clothing look good. The industry is very competitive and harsh. If they think your skin is not the right skin tone or your legs are too short then you will be not asked to do the photo-shoot.

Cameron Russell, the model, is having a hard time with this interview. What is she suppose to say? It is hard to put “showing up looking beautiful because I have good genes” in a postive manner. She is using her talent in the right way though. If you are gifted it would be useless not to do anything about it. Her story is very sucessful. Graduating from Columbia Unviersity would not be easy and she has accomplished a great goal. Plus, Cameron was only going to school on the side. She is a hard worker and is doing whatever she can to help out and make a difference.