The feeling of being lost, scared, and empty happens to most teenagers when they lost their cell phones. This generation is so caught up in technology and easy access downloading that without it we feel scared. Sadly, I am one of those people. I am not scared to admit I am almost in tears when I misplace my phone. Checking twitter, instagram, facebook, and texting is something that is REALLY hard for me to live without. My cell phone is a prized possession of mine, and probably always will be.
I have had a phone since I was freshman in high school. My phone has always been there and without it, I PANIC. The cost of a cell phone is one cause of the mini heart attack I have when I cannot find it. The cost of a cell phone is not cheap and having a loner is a major downgrade. Going from 4G internet to no hand-held internet is so frustrating and inconvenient. My phone basically has my life on it. There are so many pictures and memories I don’t want to forget on it.
Living far from home is another reason I prize my phone so much. Talking to my best friends from home and family is very important to me. I communicate with them almost every day and without that communication I would miss them even more. I am always scared something is going to happen to me and I wont have my phone to tell my parents or call someone to help me. Not having that assurance or communication makes me nervous and scared.
The other night I lost my phone between the coach pillows. I searched my apartment, my car, my friend’s house, and was even tempted to go to HyVee to see if it was there because I was there earlier that day. The only thing on my mind for those 30 minutes was my phone. I honestly had anxiety looking all over for it. This may be sad to adults. I know my mom and dad just shake there head when they see me on my phone all the time, but it has become part of my life and I enjoy catching up with friends even though I am not with them. Going away to college has made my phone even more important because of the connections at home.
I am sure I am not the only one with their cell phone as a prized possession. This piece of technology is very important to many college and high school students.

How do u feel without your phone? How long have you had a cell phone?