After season a lot of players feel relief. It is weird to have free time after 4 months of playing 6 times a week. During the spring and summer though we do not play everyday, we are not completely off season. We continue to workout and try to get stronger to improve our game. Spring and summer is when we work on individual skills and improve our strengths. We focus on a lot of technical skills instead of team skills like during the season. We workout with Joe 3 times a week and have open gyms and skill practices 2-3 times a week. During the spring we also play in 4 tournaments in April. We go to compete and put our technical practice to work.
Not being in season does not mean we are not getting better. Break is the time to get better when other teams might not be working as hard as you. This time shows who is going to work hard all time instead of only when they want to.
After season is a great time to re-evaluate goals and plan goals for the next season or spring season. It is a good time to look back and see what you need to work on as an individual and as a team. It puts focus on the drive to get better during the off season and puts a drive to get into the gym on our own.
Having a break is nice, but not playing games and just doing drills all the time can get repeatative. I like competing in games and tournaments so spring season is exciting for me.