The only secret I have about volleyball is that I use to hate it. When I was about 12 my two older sisters always drilled me about playing and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Being forced in to it, made me not like the sport and not try. I use to think basketball was my favorite sport! Around 8th grade is when I really started growing in volleyball and not playing basketball as much. I kept improving and improving at volleyabll and found the drive to get better so much fun! I started playing club and meeting new people and had a blast. Dont get me wrong, I still liked basketball but when I am playing volleyball I feel a lot greater then when I was playing basketball.
I love playing volleyball, but many players like me do not love it all the time. Volleyball can be a love/hate relationship. This is all okay. You do not have to love it all the time. The thing that is important out of all of this, is keep playing. The love for the game will come back if you keep working hard.
I do not have a lot of secrets on this sport, if you have anything you would like to know please comment:)