No team is perfect. We have fights, drama, and disagreements. The relationship between the coaches and players is a very important one. A lot of players or parents have disagreements with the coaches decisions sometimes. The players get frustrated and its hard for them to play well if they don’t agree with what is going on. Frustation can kill a teams chemistry.
This season we had a lot of aggravation towards others which caused us to not perform as a team. It seemed that some lost respect for the coaches decisions and forgot to think about what was healthy for the team. When this happened the players should have went to the coach to try and fix it instead of bringing negative energy to others and the locker room. These problems can be fixed and should be fixed when they start. Building relationships within in the team is very important. A volleyball team is like chain, each link has to be together in order to continue to move forward. If one link is out of place or not connected it will effect the entire team.
We are continuing to work on this problem. We are having meetings and talks to help understand the relationship we need to have with the coaches and each other. I know we will find a way to grow better as a volleyball team. Wish us luck đŸ™‚