The season is winding down. As it comes to the end of season, this is the time we should be at our best and most focused. At this time of year, we have worked so hard and need to continue to keep working hard to reaching our goal. Anything can happen now and this is what we have been waiting for all season.
It is 2 hours before game time. The gym is clear, empty, with a single net set up and ball carts on the side. I have my headphones in and I am focused on what we need to do. Its post-season playoffs. We have studied this team for about a week. Practiced every system we have to beat them. Now its do or die. This is the game we all have to be perfect. This team is taller, talented, and has the best record in the conference. We come in as under-dogs. We have been the under-dogs all year which is a role we feel comfortable in now. This is feeling is one of my favorite feelings as a player. I find challenges like these fun because we can go out and surprise so many people.
We played and tried our best. University of Central Missouri beat us for the third time this year. Everything must come to an end.
The end to every season is sad. We had two great seniors that will be missed next year! I will never play with the exact same team again. However, I know we will bring in more great girls and the younger girls will continue to get better and step up each post-season workout or spring practice.
I would just like to thank all the coaches and girls for what they have done for the team and me this season
Go bearcats!