After the thanksgiving holiday it really hit what I am truely thankful for. I have met so many people through volleyball and Northwest and without coming here, I would not be the same person I am today.
The Volleyball world is so small. I have played on so many teams throughout my career and have loved the people I met through those experiences. I continue to see previous teammates throughtout college and I feel so happy to be able to see a piece of my past come back into my life. Even though I might be playing against my previous teammate, I still wish them the best and still love catching up with them.
Making new friends makes this college experience even more special. Having a team to hang out with when you know no one your first year is a blessing! A teammate is a relationship like none other. Knowing someone has your back, on and off the court, is very comforting. I trust every single one of my teammates and will have their backs on anything. I have made lifelong friends from not only volleyball, but every sport I have played. On the court, field, or track is where a lot of great friendsips have started. I am so blessed to be this lucky!

Volleyball 2013

My second family and lifelong friends ❤