The season is over, now it is the time for a little relaxation. As a student athlete it is important for all of us to stay focused with our studies. Having a break allows us to spend some time away from each other, which after seeing each other everyday for 3 months can be a good thing. We are all spending our time studying for those finals! So in the end, we are not doing a lot of relaxation.
Stressing over finals is the worst. We are staying up late, drinking energy drinks, and having coffee for every meal. Hey, that’s college right? We are craming everything in our brains that we were suppose to learn throughout the semester in about 3 days.

Once we get through finals, christmas break begins! That is when the true relaxation begins. We will be around our family and friends and it is definitely the best time of year. Nothing beats being in a warm house with a hot chocolate in your hand surrounded by your family.
Happy Holidays:)