I have ran into a challenge these past couple of days. The coaches have recently cut a player from the team and we have had 2 people quit. We are losing a lot of players which is making our team feel small and not the same. Change is always hard and adjusting to this decision that the coaches have made is hard for a lot of us to understand.
It is a challenge knowing what to do in my situation. Having a sister as a assistant coach takes its toles sometimes! Definitely in these situations it is hard to know what I could or should say to her. The team is going to have their questions about the coaches, but I feel my role is to make the coaches and players come together more. I want communication this upcoming year to be one of our biggest focuses. If we tell each other our problems they will get fixed, instead of letting them build up and make the team chemistry worse. I want everyone to mesh. I want all of us to be a family and be together on what we are doing here.
The challenge is actually doing it. I am going to lead by example and show how this program should be and act. The spring season is coming up and this is the perfect opportunity to show the coaches and my teammates what I mean when I say things will be different. Not that our season ended horribly, but I know we can do so much more to be successful. Bring on the challenge!!