The newspapers and headlines can get to a lot of girls heads. Too me, this is a good thing. Growing up in a small town you were easily famous. Everyone knew about the high school game you played the night before and was cheering you on all the way to the end. When I had family friends and high school alumni come up to me around town and say, “good game last night,” it made me feel like a million dollars. I loved making my family and town proud by representing our school in front of the state of Iowa.
This brought me so much confidence. Hearing all of those people talk and the newspaper headlines I felt the fame! I had the most confidence in my life when I was playing in high school in front of all the people I grew up with. Coming to college things were different. Being so far away from home I didn’t have the family support I use to have. I would get texts and phone calls, but not having them there was not the same. So my confidence dropped. I felt lost my first year. I spent that entire year finding new ways to build confidence and believe I was good enough to play on that court. I created my new self; a new player. The fame is back. Except this time, it is from me! I built my fame. I told myself I was not going to let anyone tell me I am not good enough. I have dedicated almost all of my life playing this game and I won’t waste this opportunity!
Fame can bring you a lot of accomplishment. That is what we are all reaching for in this game. To be famous, and to be remembered!