Every volleyball player sacrafices time, effort, and even friendships to play this game. We sometimes have attitudes towards our friends or we tear our body apart trying to keep the ball of the ground. If you think about it, volleyball is a big game of don’t let the ball touch the ground. I played that game when I was 3 with a balloon, now we are still playing it with just more rules and heavier balls.

Lifting three times a week, practice every day for two hours, team meetings, and team bonding are just some of the commitments everyone on this team makes to make this Northwest Volleyball team successful. Anything we can do to become more of a family, more dedicated, or more skilled we will do it! The reason we play is to have the once in a lifetime feeling of being a champion. Being successful is what we are all working for.

All of this time and effort is worth it. One day we will all look back and remember the feeling of winning and finally reaching your goal. We will instantly smile from thinking about all the hard work we put in and everything that we accomplished together. This is the real win in life.